Hello Food Fanatics

My dad always said “Una pansa llena es un corazon contento”; meaning that a full belly was a happy heart although it sounds better in spanish. I’ve come to realize, even though I’m young, that this saying couldn’t be truer. Every time I eat a delicious food, horrible for that matter, my heart and soul are affected by the food. This blog isn’t to commercialize restaurants, praise them, or down them; merely I wish to provide a teen’s view on food of the 21st century.


Marcelo Sexto Rubio

Gom Ba Woo Korean Restaurant-Must Read

Again following my theory of high and low restaurants, I had lunch at Gom Ba Woo Korean restaurant. This restaurant has won numerous awards including the Washingtonian Best Budget Eat in 2009, 2010, 2011, and 2012. My dad and I had combination fried rice, soup with pork and noodles, and a combination of fried and steamed dumplings all for a lovely price of a total of $30. Additionally they included a mix of 5 appetizers; although it was hard to know what exactly the appetizers were comprised of, they were delicious. The food was spectacular and came out fresh and steaming hot. This has to be a must place eat if you are in the mood for Korean/ethnic foods. However, you must have some knowledge of Korean cuisine because if you ask you might not understand the waiter’s response. Furthermore, the service was outstanding and the restaurant was small enough for two waiters who provided spectacular service. I will definitely be coming back and look forward to continuing my high and low theory.

Follow This Rule of Thumb and I promise you will never eat a “Regular” meal again!

I was reading this article in the Washingtonian and it brought my attention to a surprisingly, but true theory. In the food market there are 3 categories for food: fine dining, regular, and budget friendly. The latter and first categories are usually the smallest categories of the food enterprise. Now keep in mind that these groups are grouped together based on cost, not quality. I learned that the middle category is so vast that it contains restaurants from TGI Fridays to Matchbox or other fine restaurant chains. I was amazed; however, that actually few to none of these restaurants are so different as they publicize. Of course I realize there will be times when family is in town, or you are with your friends and must appeal to the mass; that is when the middle group comes in handy. TGI, Matchbox, Mon Ami Gabi, etc. are made to provide to the mass appeal. Here comes the trick:

To truly enjoy food, hence you reading this article, you must eat from the fine dining and budget friendly categories. Avoid the middle. You might believe this is going to be easy; however, if you are like millions of people you are accustomed to eating in middle. You must be firm. By eating in the budget friendly category: diners, drive-ins, and mom and pop restaurants, 4 times of the week you will save a ton of money which can then be used to splurge of a fine dining where you are attended with a smile and leave as if you were in heaven. Follow this rule of thumb and you will be a cuisine master.


Cassatt’s A Kiwi Cafe

Today (7/21/15) was another insightful little look at a quaint bistro in Arlington called Cassatt’s, A Kiwi Café. As much as I tried to decipher the meaning of their name, I couldn’t figure it out since I failed to see kiwi on the menu. They have special theme nights, tonight was Polynesian Night, which I thought to be special and unique for a café/restaurant in this area. I was in the mood for dessert and had an Upside Down Pineapple Pie with Vanilla for only $7 and it was a fairly large slice. My friend ordered a $7 Key Lime Pie with Vanilla an unsuitable name since the small “pie” tasted more as a flan mixed with a Crème Brulee. The pie and “flan” were both excellent desserts and definitely hit the spot; however, the smell from the kitchen left more to be desired from the extractors. The service from the owner was top-notch, even told us a story of a French restaurant that I was looking for and that’s how I ended up in Cassatt’s. Once I sat down though, I had to ask a waiter to come take our orders. Overall, the experience was very pleasant, and would enjoy and look forward to eating dinner or lunch at Cassatt’s, A Kiwi Café.